Just In: Starbucks is serving more than coffee, and it's much stronger too!

Pharrell Williams Holds Forum At Norfolk State University To Discuss Full Potential Of The Cities Of Virginia Beach And Norfolk In His Home State Of Virginia

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This is the Idiot News Network where idiots aren't just in the news, they report the news! For Wednesday March 23rd, 2022:

Jubal Fresh reports on one of his favorite rappers Pusha T and his new diss track ... against Mc Donalds! In a marketing with Arby's, the popular rapper took on Mc Donald's with a highly developed diss against the Filet-O-Fish. Interestingly, Pusha T is also responsible for writing and producing Mc Donald's current jingle! Click here to read more about rap's biggest beef thus far!

Alex Fresh reports on what Starbucks is serving, and this time it's way stronger than coffee! A Connecticut man is suing the popular coffee store claiming he was served cleaning liquid, instead of coffee! Click here to read more about this story!

Digital Producer Christian Gray Snow reports on a women going viral for getting revenge on ex! After an extremely bad breakup, a West Palm Beach Sheriff's ex-girlfriend revealed all of the terrible things he's been doing on the clock. Click here to read about all of the horrible things he's done.

Producer Bennett, covering for English Evan, reports on a paper shortage in Sri Lanka! Due to a financial crisis all exams across the country were cancelled! Click here to read how this paper shortage is impacting the country!

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