Hilarious Ways That People Are Coping With Mid-Life Crisis!

Teenage Boy Performing Stunt on Skateboard

Photo: Getty Images

Ever heard of mid-life crisis!? It’s a real thing! In popular culture, mid-life crisis usually entails a middle-aged man or woman purchasing a luxury car or running away with a lover nearly half of their age. While these instances are often over exaggerated, studies have shown that these are the type of things that can indicate mid-life crisis! According to studies, the period in which middle-aged people are met with the blues exists. For men, the period of depression comes between the ages 35 and 50 and could last for a decade and for women at the same age, for a couple years. According to a survey done by HuffPost these are 7 purchases that may indicate mid-life crisis:

  1. Home Renovations
  2. Luxury Cars
  3. Beauty Improvements
  4. Dream Vacations
  5. Tattoos
  6. New Stylish Clothes 
  7. New Experiences

Interestingly, doctors are prescribing middle-aged folks meeting mid-life crises with skateboarding! As ridiculous as that sounds, skateboarding helps combat anxiety and depression, it gives those a sense of “spiritual meaning,” and gives a sense of community and a form of self-expression. Click here to read more about how skateboarding can combat mid-life crisis.

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