The Suicide Squad: Watched It!

I watched the new/ same/ is it new? The Suicide Squad. The movie is amazing. Obviously, there was a Suicide Squad movie that came out before this one. For the sake of sanity, let's just forget that one.

This movie was directed by James Gunn and he has a habit of never missing. Guess what? He definitely did not miss with this one. This movie is so good. Rotten Tomatoes scored it at 93% and for a while it was 100% making it the second highest ranking super hero movie ever alongside Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse.

I highly recommend you go watch this movie. Not only is the plot incredible, but the comedy, the tone, and the perfect characters will make for an enjoyable viewing experience. I am not going to put any spoilers in this blog because I personally hate seeing spoilers. What I will say is this, King Shark is one of the greatest characters in movie history.

Check out the movie on HBO Max, you can watch the trailer here. As always, follow me on Instagram @evanontheradio and enjoy the wonderful content I post.

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