Takeout Food!

I don't know what it is, but when I get stuck in a rhythm, I am IN that rhythm. There are several restaurants around where I live. You would not know that if you looked at the restaurants where I eat. I am a "I know what I like so why change my order" kind of guy.

I have realized that I need to be more adventurous as of late, mainly because my girlfriend pointed it out to me. It has gotten to the point where whatever restaurant I decide to eat at, the servers know exactly what I get. This is kind of cool, but it is also kind of scary. Change is good. As with everything in life though, you need balance.

When I go to Cafe Rio, I get a steak burrito with sour cream. The servers know this. When I go to the thai restaurant near my house, I get orange chicken and the servers know this. Now though, I want to change. For the better. I want to take what my girlfriend suggested, and be more adventurous. So get ready for a wild, adventurous guy to storm the world.

You can follow this crazy guy @evanontheradio on Instagram and make sure you fasten that seat belt, things are about to get wild.

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