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The Jubal Shows Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs!

Jubal Fresh counts down his top 10 Worst Christmas Songs you can listen here or read below and listen to each song!

Number 10: Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas) by John Denver

Number 9: Christmas Conga by Cyndi Lauper

Number 8: This Christmas (I'll Burn It To The Ground) by Set It Off

Number 7: We Wish You A Merry Christmas by R2D2 (From the Star Wars Christmas Album)

Number 6: Jingle Bells (Bass) By Basshunter

Number 5: I'm Gonna Put Some Glue 'Round the Christmas Tree by Joel Gray

Number 4: Boys and Girls (Xmas Time Love) by The Cheeky Girls

Number 3: Dominick The Donkey - Popularized by a BBC Radio Show

Number 2: Boys and Girls (Xmas Time Love) The Cheeky Girls... it's just that bad...

Finally, Jubal Fresh's Worst Christmas Song of All Time is:

The Christmas Shoes by NewSong

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