Possible Collaboration Between SZA and Paramore in the Works

I have been blown away by the powerhouse that is SZA since her last tour SOS. SZA fans go HARD. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a live SZA show, do it! Not only does she put on an amazing live show, BUT her fans sing right along with their hearts and souls! I almost felt like I was intruding as a new SZA fan. It was quite the sight! Needless to say, I've been hoping and manifesting new SZA music to follow up such a successful tour and it's lookin' like we are not only getting some, but we could potentially see a collab with Paramore as well! Double win if you ask me! Paramore and SZA are no strangers to one another, as both have covered songs from each other.

SZA recently rapid answered fan questions on Apple Music's TikTok and when a fan asked her if there was any potential she would collab with Paramore, this is what she had to say below!

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