Sophie Turner Blasts Weight Loss Ad

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It seems that Sofie Turner, formerly of Game of Thrones was not too pleased to see an ad for Ozempic being shopped as a weight loss solution after an ad for the medicine in a NYC subway stop went viral.

Sofie, who has been very open about her struggles with her eating disorder slammed the ad in her Instagram story after seeing it go viral.

May I present a differnet side of things that you may not be too privy to on the other side of this?

Some of you may or may not know that I have been on a weight loss journey for about a year and a half and am down about 170 pounds in a little over a year. I started at about 437 pounds and now weight a little under 300 lbs, with a final weight goal of about 250 pounds. Medicines like Ozempic are being advertised to people currently that have been denied treatment for their obesity because while they may carry weight like myself up to 437 pounds or higher, they may not be showing signs of diabetes, even though they are pre-diabetic. Because of that, in most cases insurance companies will not cover the drug to treat people even struggling with high BMIs like myself. Doctors have begin to advertise that there is now accessibility to these treatments after decades of research that show weight and certain communications between the stomach and brain are corilated, causing some people to not be able to regulate their glucose levels consistently, causing people to gain rapidly a lot quicker than others.

Medicines like Ozempic and Wegovy (a similar weight once used to only treat diabetes) not only turn off a miscommunication between the stomach and brain that causes people to overeat, but also regulates glucose levels for those that struggle with things like metabolic disease, infertility or PCOS.

Ads like these are now making people who struggle with certain things like metabolic disease, fertility issues, Diabetes and PCOS aware that there are treatments they have access to. Is the wording a little off in the ad? Sure! But, there's a reason why the ad is happening and I figured I'd point it out from a person that has bennnefited greately from treatment associated with it.

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