Amazon Owned Company Zoox's Self Driving Robo-Taxi Hits the Road

Welp, if you were wondering if the future were here, it has arrived. Amazon has began testing out a self driving robo-taxi in Foster, California with their company Zoox. The test track course was about a mile in length and was driverless as the vehicle transported employees.

While some may be excited about this news, I immediately go straight to thinking about the taxis that would transport people in season 3 of the show Westworld on HBO, which was the season I bailed on the show if I'm being honest. They do creep me out, but don't tell them. I feel like these robot enabled thingies are really gonna get their feelings hurt one day for being called creepy and I don't want to be held responsible.

You can see the new Zoox Robo-Taxi below!

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