Rihanna Hinted at Pregnancy Days Before Halftime Show

Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Photo: Getty Images North America

OOOOOOOOOOOO Rihanna and I are gonna have words. This is hands down one of my biggest pet peeves that somebody does. When they know they are about to make a ruckus and don't fill your girl in. Like, send a text RiRi.

If you missed it, keep up. Rihanna is pregnant with baby number 2 and announced it at the start of her halftime show at the Superbowl yesterday. But, did you know she hinted at it a few days before her performance?

While all of us were clammoring around trying to figure out who was gonna guest feature during her performance, Rihanna was out doing interviews talking about it and the collab she was talking about? Her new baby!

In an interview about her Superbowl halftime show performance with Nate Burleson, Rihanna stated "I'm thinking about bringing someone, I'm not sure." While we all waited for her to bring out Eminem, Jay-Z, Drake or any other of the many artists she has collabed with, she was in fact talking about her new baby!

You can watch the entire inteview with Nate Burleson HERE

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