Microsoft to Give Unlimited Time Off to Employees

French headquarters of Microsoft, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Photo: Getty Images

You've heard of requesting time off, but have you heard of getting unlimited time off? Say what? Okay, not necessarily unlimited time off, but "discretIonary time off." At least, that's the new "time off" policy MicrosOft is adopting, according to an article published by CBS News, siting an inside source to Microsoft.

With the workforce changing dramatically during and post-pandemic, Microsoft has learned that how, when and where employees get their work done, can vary and by adopting the "discretionary time off" model, it allows employees to pick and choose how, when and where they get their work done, as long as they get it done! Microsoft on top of adopting a new discretionary time off policy will also have 10 corporate paid holidays for employees.

You can check out the info HERE

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