Holiday Movies You Probably Don't Know About

Santa Claus sip his warm tea

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Everybody knows about the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies. We all know about Elf, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation. We even have found ourselves in an endless yearly debate on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but we're not here to address that once again.

I'm here to share holiday movies that exist that you may not even know about that you can throw on the list this holiday season! I've been very lucky to be a holiday movie enthusiast, but it wasn't until I met my boyfriend that I found out that there are a slew of movies out there you can get in some good holiday fun watching with the fam.

Those movies are:

  1. Santa Jaws: the story of a family enjoying their holiday vacation only to be hunted by Santa Jaws! Watch the trailer HERE
  2. Santa Slays: this was one of the first movies that my boyfriend introduced me to that includes the scary side of things when it comes to Christmas. Watch the trailer HERE
  3. Krampas: this movie my boyfriend threw on one day recently and what starts out as a Home Alone knock off eventually transitions into a suspense filled horror movie. Check out the trailer HERE

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