Seattle Top 5 Cities with Most Stressed Drivers

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You ever feel a little stressed when Fall rolls around in the Northwest? That might be caused by a few things that tend to make our driving a little more high maintenance during the Fall/Winter months. Turns out because of those weather conditions, residents in Seattle are more likely to get stressed out while driving. Probably somebody who tempted to go down a hill during a snow storm one year.

Seattle makes the top 5 of most stressed out drivers per city. You can see the list from the TensiStrength study below!

Here are the top 10:

  1. Portland, OR 47.6%
  2. Chicago, IL 46%
  3. New York City, NY 45.7%
  4. Washington, DC 45.6%
  5. Seattle, WA 45.4%
  6. Philadelphia, PA 45%
  7. San Francisco, CA 44%
  8. Oakland, CA 43.8%
  9. Phoenix, AZ 43.2%
  10. Providence, RI 42.9%

Some of the factors that contributed to the stressful driving were listed as below!

  1. Rain
  2. Bad weather
  3. Snow
  4. Drivers using cell phones
  5. Traffic
  6. Fog
  7. Potholes
  8. Cyclists
  9. Drivers speeding
  10. Drivers swerving

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