Cops Visit Current Residents of "The Watcher" House 58 Times in 3 Years

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Like most of you all, I have been sucked into the show "The Watcher" since it premiered in October. The series on Netflix follows a married couple that buys their dream home in the suburbs. Upon putting all of their savings into their dream home and moving in, they began to receive mysterious letters by somebody that deems themselves "The Watcher." The Watcher sends letters revealing the recipient's deepest secret and in return tries to keep the residents of the house they are "watching" in line with the neighborhood. While viewers were left with a disappointing end to "The Watcher" with very few answers as to what happened after the fictional show based on the real life events came to an end, answers are now surfacing as to what the current residents of the real life "The Watcher" house are experiencing.

According to the New York Post, while cops have denied that there have been the same issues with the current residents in the house, the New York Post has uncovered reports that they have answered 58 calls in total since 2019 related to the real life "Watcher" house, ranging in crimes from burglaries in the basement as well as trespassing since the show premiered last month.

58 calls seems like quite a lot of calls for somebody over 3 years for there not to be anymore incidents involving "The Watcher" of the house. You can read more about the report from the New York Post HERE

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