3 Tips to Deal with Seasonal Depression

Man stepping over puddle in rain

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New to the northwest? You may be happy to be experiencing the first of droplets of rain of the fall season but seasonal depression is lurking behind the corner. Not to frighten you or anything, but it is real. There are some ways to trick the system into feeling like the sun is out when it hasn't been for several weeks. These below tips have always helped me when it comes to keeping my mood up while the rain seems to be pouring nothing but grey skies and flash floods our way.

  1. Vitamin D Supplements - talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the benefits of Vitamin D supplements and the how they can help give you not only a better mood with the lack of sun, but also give you more energy when you are exhausted from the gloomy weather.
  2. Work out - it's easier said than done, but I found last winter was the one where I started to realize that when I felt stuck in the house because of the rain, hitting the gym allowed me to get out some aggression that just kind of stews when you aren't active.
  3. Go out, when the sun's out - anytime the sun is out, you should be front and center to soak it in. Nothing quite feels like soaking in sun after you haven't seen any for a couple of weeks. When those special moments happen, close the computer and go get a few minutes in soaking it in. It'll be a lifesaver.

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