Nintendo to Release Trailor for Mario Movie Thursday

Did you grow up playing Nintendo like I did? I remember when my dad surprised us with an N64 and I spent the entire summer doing nothing but playing Mario Kart with my bestie and her 5 year old brother (who was alarmingly good at playing Goldeneye, btw). No matter when you were first introduced to Mario, he's always been a staple along with his brother Luigi as the fun loving duo that kept us entertained as kids and now through adulthood.

When it was announced that a new Mario Brothers movie would be coming out, people were not too please with Chris Pratt voicing Mario due to him not being Italian. However, Nintendo has held their ground with Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario and has released their first look (or sound) of the new animated film, as well as teased the official trailer dropping THIS Thursday. Check out the tease below!

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