Evan Peters Talks About Playing Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix Show

Have you watched the new Dahmer show on Netflix? The official title is Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. If you haven't seen it, do not suggest watching it while eating, about to go to sleep or ever want to look at a mannequin the same in a store again. But, if you're like "oh, that sounds like some pretty easy rules to follow," then buckle up for one hell of a ride with this show. The show has been breaking streaming records left and right since it caught on over the weekend. Nobody can deny Evan Peter's portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer is probably one of the most chilling takes of Dahmer ever seen.

Netflix recently had Evan Peters (Dahmer) talk about what it was like playing Dahmer and getting ready for this role. You can tell getting ready for the role really took a toll on him. Watch the video below.

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