Seattle Makes the List for Most Employees that Work Remotely

Simple home office setup with a table and laptop

Photo: Getty Images

I thought traffic seemed a little lighter in 2021. Dang, I bet we take number 1 for 2022. Up until recently, Seattle has definitely felt like a ghost town and has only began to wake up from a 3 year long pandemic. While commuting traffic has definitely began to pickup around the northwest, the stats are in and Seattle ranks as one of the top cities that worked from home in 2021. Even though, we weren't quite number one for remote working in 2021, only one city stood in our way: Washington DC. We'll see what the stats look like for 2022, but it definitely feels like Seattle is still starting to get back to "normal" in 2022 post pandemic and people are beginning to wonder "maybe permanent remote working is the way to go." Here's to be number 1 for next year! You can read more about it HERE

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