Rare Mickey Mantle Card Breaks Record Sale Price

Mickey Mantle Signed Contract Auction To Assist Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund - Press Conference

Photo: Getty Images

I think we all remember growing up, popping open a pack of new baseball cards and throwing them all around until finding the one of our favorite player. Every once in awhile you'd come across a pretty good one, but the hope always remained, "man, I hope I find a good one so I can make a lot of money on it!" The biggest cards you hoped to get were those of Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle!

Apparently, while the rest of us turned up empty handed, one lucky person scored the ultimate card that led to a $12.6 million sale at an auction recently. That card was a 70 year old, pristine Mickey Mantle baseball card.

Other sports memorabilia auctioned ranged in price from 3 to 9 million dollars.

The rare MIckey Mantle card auctioned off was in such pristine condition, it's no wonder it went for such a high price tag. You can see the card HERE

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