Olivia Rodrigo Shares Photo Revealing How her Sour Tour is Going

It's funny to actually think that celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo were children, with dreams to become whatever they want to be. It's also weird to think of our own lives like that. Every once in awhile we'll come across a cute pic of us at Disneyland, next to our brother, wearing Mickey crop tops and shorts that are definitely way too short. We look at it and go "oh boy." That photo is for another day.

In the meantime, here is a throwback photo of Olivia Rodrigo you actually want to see. She posted this photo on Instagram and I can't get over two things: how adorable she is and all the throwback posters behind her! Jonas Brothers, Hilary Duff? Yes girl! The caption all has me wanting to have kids now, so thanks Olivia Rodrigo.

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