Cardi B Creates New Dance for Kids on Baby Shark Cartoon (Video)

Wait, you didn't have Cardi B playing a cartoon shark in the hit kid's show "Baby Shark" and creating a dance that you'll see your kids awkwardly trying to do in front of the mirror in the bathroom on your 2022 bingo card? All good! Consider it a freebee in 2022! Yup, our favorite rapper, entrepreneur and all around hysterical person, Cardi B has made her splash (I'm sorry, I had to) in the cartoon world and is already starting trends!

News broke a few weeks ago that Cardi and her family would be making a cameo in the popular show "Baby Shark," but now new details are emerging that there's even a catching dance called the "Seaweed Wave" associated with her cameo that is gonna have the kids doing some weird moves that may leave you wondering where they picked them up! Here is a sneak peak of the cameo and dance below!

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