Kristen Stewart Turned Down Recreating Iconic Scream Scene

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As Kristen Steward prepares to possibly be awarded her first Oscar for her portrayal as Princess Diana in the Hulu original "Spencer," she's out in full promo mode, doing interviews. While Kristen lives more of a private life as a celebrity, she spilled some deets about an iconic role in the new Scream movie she was approached to do but turned down because she didn't want to do a disservice to the original actress who played the role, as well as the iconic scene from the first Scream movie.

You already know the iconic scene I'm talking about, don't you? Remember that scene at the beginning of the original Scream movie that everybody remembered more than the actual movie? You know...the one where Drew Barrymore gets the call and the killer(s) taunt her over the phone, ultimately leading to her tragic death? Yup! That one. Kristen was approached to recreate that scene in the new Scream movie that came out this year. If you've yet to watch it, the "meta" is very present and references to the original are very prevalent.

Kristen however explained that she turned down the role because she felt like she couldn't do the scene justice and wouldn't live up to the standard that Drew delivered in the original. You can read the entire Kristen Stewart candid interview with Slant Magazine.

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