The Finneas and Billie Eilish Pixar Song is Here

Elsa who? Bruno who? For a month or so now, we have been talking about how Billie Eilish and her bro Finneas are working on a Disney Pixar song that is guaranteed to fill their pockets....I mean, our hearts. Just like Elsa was replaced by Bruno, it looks like Billie is aiming to replace Bruno....maybe, we can get rid of the Baby Shark song while we're at it? No, we're gonna hang onto that one a bit longer? You sure? What if we keep the Bruno song and get rid of Baby Shark? Think about it....

Anywho, the anticipated Disney Pixar song from Finneas and Billie has arrived. The song is called "1 True Love" and is in Disney's new Pixar movie called "Turning Red."

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