Footage Shows Man Throwing Rocks at Car on I-5 (Video)

Drivers of I-5 abd I-90 in Washington have definitely heard the news over the past month regarding cars being targets of rocks. There have been several instances over the past few months where a rock has gone through somebody's windshield while driving down I-90, yet nobody has been caught in the act. Until over this past weekend.

Michael Rivera who was headed down to Columbia City on I-5 for a baby shower over the weekend caught the suspect in the act via a camera set up on his car. In the video footage below, you can see somebody in the bushes on the other side of the guard rail of I-5, walk up and throw a fist size rock at a car.

Luckily noone was hurt. However, police are urging drivers to stay alert while on I-5 and I-90 just in case anything like this happens to them.

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