Virgin River Announces 2 New Seasons in Adorable Instagram Post (Video)

There have been so many shows that I've binge watched over the last two years of a long pandemic. One of those shows was Virgin River, a story about a woman that moves to a small town in Calfornia in the mountains after her husband passes away.

There in the moutains, she begans to rebuild her life, find love again and figure out what her next steps are in becoming a mom after struggling with infertility and miscarriages. It's intense, but a must watch if you haven't watched it yet.

By the time you finish the first 3 seasons available on Netflix, you'll be able to start up the 4th and 5th season because Netflix just signed on for the additional episodes.

Mel and Jack (the new main characters) made a special announcement via Instagram to let fans of the show know about the new seasons.

No dates on when the new seasons will be out, but once I know more, I'll let yah know!

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