Chipotle Adding Brisket to the Menu

Chipotle Raises Prices 4% To Cover Wage Increases

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You fan of Chipotle like me? I wouldn't even call myself a fan. I'd call myself a Chipotle enthusiast. As somebody that recently started doing a low-carb diet, Chipotle has become a staple in my new diet. The order goes like this: chipotle salad, light beans, no rice, double chicken, extra fajita veggies, extra cheese, sour cream and of course guac on the side. I don't stray too much from that order, but I may have to starting Thursday. Chipotle is adding brisket to their menu. Yes, the moist, delicious, meat of the God's.

While loyalty members can start ordering briskit today, us general public people can get it starting Thursday. Perfect time, considering the boyfriend and I do "Chipotle Fridays" in our house.

Read more about the menu addition HERE

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