Pierce County Urging Mask Mandate at Washington State Fair

Low Angle View Of Illuminated Ferris Wheel Against Sky At Hamburger Dom

Photo: EyeEm

After a whirldwind year of cancelled events, including some of our favorite staple events in the PNW, the Washington State Fair is set to return this coming weekend. Get some Fisher Scones in mah belly! And yes, I can slay an entire baker's dozen all by myself. That's 13 scones for the ammateurs out there.

With the return of the Washington State Fair, Pierce county health officials are urging the fair runners to mandate mask wearing at all times while at the fair. In short, masks would be required whether on a ride, at the rodeo or indoors.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is expected to issue a health order requiring a mask mandate.

You can read more about it HERE

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