SeaTac Airport Considering Selling Carpet Souvenirs (Photos)

If there's one thing we know about living in the Seattle-Tacoma area, it's the green, 80s carpet that has plagued Seattle Tacoma International airport since God knows when. With renovations underway at the New North, they've come up with a clever idea to recycle that old carpet. Souvenirs. I'm not entirely sure if Sea-Tac is joking about selling souvenirs from their carpet, but they've definitely thrown the idea out there and I kind of want to get something.

Sea-Tac recently tweeted out a photo of the well known hated carpet and asked what souvenirs we would be interested in: socks, koozies? Something else? I definitely could rock some 80s style Sea-Tac carpet socks.

Check out the tweet below and send in your suggestions!

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