Winds Reached up to 70 MPH in PNW

Major Storm Hammers Pacific Northwest

Last night, if you were hanging out on the couch and heard howling outside your windows, you were not alone. The PNW was hit with heavy rain and wind gusts that reached up to almost 70 MPH. Wind gusts reached up to 68 MPH in Federal Way, 58 in Seatac and have left debris, as well as flooding all over the PNW. Over 500,000 people were you without power as of Wednesday morning.

People are urged to keep these following things in mind as flooding and winds continue into Wednesday:

  • Be aware of debris on roadways
  • If an intersection seems "darker," treat it as a four way stop, in order to determine if it is flooded
  • Do not attempt to go around barricades.
  • Flooding may seem more shallow than it is

For more information, stay updated HERE

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