Washington Residents Warned of Poisonous Seeds in Mail


Well, if Covid-19 weren't enough to worry about, let's add something else to the list!

Washington officials are warning residents to be careful if they receive seeds from China in the mail. If by chance you do receive these mystery seeds, do not touch them or plant them.

According to officials in Washington, residents have been receiving these seeds and they are poisonous. Yikes.

Officials said that if you do by chance receive these seeds:

  • Not open the seed packets or plant the seeds. 
  • Double bag the seeds (for example, leave in the seed packet they came in and also put inside a sealed zip-lock bag) and put them in the regular trash. Don’t put them in a compost or recycling bin.  
  • If you already planted the seeds, pull up the plants, double bag them and put them in the trash (not compost) bin.

You can check out the full details HERE 

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