Peaceful PNW Protest Moments from Over the Weekend (Photos)

Hey Zann here. You know me as the afternoon girl that says random stuff. The last few days, I've been at a loss for words. It's hard to smile right now. Which, if you have dabbled in the afternoon show, you know that's pretty much the vibe. I dunno, I just don't have it in me to block all the noise out and pretend like nothing is happening. Humanity is hurting. Humanity is upset over another tragic, undeserved death of a black man named George Floyd. Over the weekend, peaceful protests turned to violence as images across social media and the news showed people getting tear gassed, lighting property on fire, looting stores as well as police officers and civilians assaulting one another. It's a lot for the brain to process.

On Saturday afternoon, after the protest, riots and looting begin to escalate in downtown Seattle. Myself and Carla Marie and Anthony from the morning show went to the studio and decided to be with the city on air. We opened the phone lines so our people could talk about what they were experiencing and feeling. We also wanted to be there for people who felt scared and didn't know what was happening. While we were there we received a ton of texts and calls, but one call really stood out to me.

Nicole, who's wife was at the protests that started early Saturday afternoon, called in to talk about how the protests were peaceful and met with violence in downtown Seattle when the march approached the area. You can hear part of the conversation below.

Nicole made me really want to focus on the positives of the protests that are currently happening around the country and even in our own hometowns of Seattle and the surrounding areas. I felt like I was seeing too much of what wasn't really beneficial to the message of why people have been assembling in peaceful protest. I wanted to share those with you.

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