Apparently Britney Spears Knows Doc Antle and Carol Baskin (Photos)

If you've been quarantined at home for the past week or so, you've probably either seen Tiger King or have been urged by friends to start watching it immediately. Everybody has their conspiracy stories about the cast members of the show, but among it all, only one thing is 100% certain: there are photos of Britney Spears hanging with Doc Antle and Carol Baskin from the show. At one point, Britney Spears is photographed sitting next to Carol at the VMAs. In the other photograph, Britney is seen hanging out with Doc Antle from the VMAs where she did her now very famous performance of "I'm a Slave for You," featuring exotic animals provided by Doc himself.

I say all this to ultimately say, if you haven't seen Tiger King, stop denying yourself the joys of Joe Exotic and get to it!

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