There's Now a Baby Shark "Wash Your Hands" Song (Video)

We get it. We have gotta keep our hands clean right now. Cause, if we don't, we may touch our face and get an infection. There have definitely been people putting out songs to remind us how long we are supposed to wash our hands to effectively disinfect them. If you sing the entire chorus of "Oops, I Did It Again" by Britney Spears, you have washed your hands long enough.

Today, I came across what could really help out your kids to know how long to wash their hands and what could also be your worst nightmare.

Yes, the "Baby Shark" song got a remix. It's now called "Wash Your Hands." Listen below if you dare. I've also found sending this to co workers via email while we're all working from home is also a lot of fun.

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