Bear Climbs on Car in Traffic (Video)

You ever have a run in with a bear? Myself and Alabama, from the Carla Marie and Anthony Show, went on a camping trip in the Olympic National Park a little under a year ago and had a run in with a bear. We were driving back to our campsite when we saw a black bear jet across the street. I had never seen like it in my entire life. The bear was huge, but was racing across the street like a dog running in a race. Majestic and terrifying all at the same time. We later found out that the bear was local and the camp site had named her Abby and she was pretty harmless.

Imagine being in your car stuck in traffic and your encounter with a bear is slightly closer than that! A person in traffic had a bear crawl onto their car while they were unable to move their car! Check out the video below!

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