5 Must Watch XMAS Movies on Netflix and Hallmark

Tis the season for really cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix and Hallmark Movie Channel! I have spent last week scouring the selection to bring you my top 5 must watch XMAS movies that you can find on Netflix or the Hallmark Movie Channel. They are listed from least favorite to most favorite! 

5. Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane

While I'm not a huge fan of how adult the people are in this movie, I do enjoy the story line! This movie just came out this past weekend on Hallmark and it follows three siblings that are attempting to sell their parent's home on Honeysuckle Lane. In the meantime, one of the siblings falls in love and the rest is up to you to find out by watching it! Here is Candace Cameron giving you a sneak peak of the movie, as well! 

4. Christmas Prince

This movie came out last year, but there is a reason I'm bringing it up THIS YEAR. The plot line follows a journalist that goes to cover a story on a prince that is inheriting the throne. She ultimately goes undercover as a tutor to get closer access! Watch the trailer below! 

3. Christmas Prince "The Royal Wedding"

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to go on Netflix this past weekend and find out that Christmas Prince has a sequel this year! What a more fitting sequel, too! Christmas Prince "The Royal Wedding" follows the preparation of the big day! I watched it over the weekend and while Prince Richard is kind of not the nicest guy in this sequel, it's definitely worth the watch! 

2. The Princess Switch

Oh my God. This movie deserves to be so much better than number two but I only have my number one movie at number one because I'm obsessed with the main guy! However, Vanessa Hudgens makes a great splash in this Christmas movie meets Parent Trap on Netflix! A hometown girl finds out that she looks exactly like a princess and they switch places so each of them can live the life they've always dreamed of! It's so much fun and so cute! 

1. Christmas with a View 

When I tell you that I would leave my boyfriend for the main guy that plays a chef in this movie, I am being 100% honest. He is such a beautiful man. He's a chef that ends up working at a restaurant while trying to locate where his parents fell in love and return, falls in love himself! Watch the trailer and see his beauty below! 

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