3 Things to Know About Zann

Hi! I'm Zann! I'm your new afternoon host and hang out with you everyday on KISS FM from 3p to 7p! 

Some things to know about me: 

1. My cats are my kids. 

Kushman is the oldest and has been battling a weight problem for the past couple of years. Steve is our new addition, and he is just the sweetest little munchkin. 

2. I LOVE Iced Coffee. 

My obsession with iced coffee is pretty rough! I'll have at least one iced coffee a day, but more than likely about 2 a day. So, when some people do 2 a day at the gym, I do 2 a day at Starbucks. They've even offered me a black card. I was too embarrassed to accept their offer. 

3. I change my hair color every couple of weeks. 

I don't know if this is a tell tell of my inability to commit to things, but I just like to change it up. I've had purple hair, pink hair, blue hair and even my natural color blond. In fact, by the time you read these 3 things to know about me, my hair will be a different color!

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