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Crazy Hair Day - Unicorn Style!

Today was "Crazy Hair Day" at Riley's school, and one would typically think...let's just throw a few braids in or a big bow!

No! My daughter is very extra, so of course, we had to turn her into a complete unicorn!

Thanks to YouTube, it actually turned out to be easier than I expected, so thought I'd share the tutorial for anyone else who has an "extra" child!

Supplies needed:

  • bobby pins
  • 4 hair ties
  • tin foil
  • hair chalk (or any hair coloring product you like)
  • Optional: clip in hair extensions (I had some old ones lying around the house that we used)
  • hairspray

The video below is the tutorial we used to make her horn. Turns out there are a LOT of tutorials about this on YouTube. I watched a few, and this one seemed to be the most doable without causing a major 6 year old tantrum!

After we got her horn all set in place, I put 3 ponytails down the back of her head, but you could honestly do whatever you wanted with the extra hair! Curls, one ponytail, braids, etc! I did add one hair extension to each ponytail to give it some extra volume.

To finish off the look, I used hair chalk to add some color. The photos don't do a good job of showing the color, but I promise these work. The chalk is SUPER easy to use and mess free. How easy is it to wash out....well...we'll find out tonight!

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