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Study: Why is Post Malone's Music So Catchy!

We all know Post Malone's music is catchy....but now it is scientifically proven!

Post Malone is one of the most listened to artists right now. He has gone on to break records held by Michael Jackson and the Beatles.  That's insane...and why!?

Two professors at Berkeley, Kareem Clarke & Brian Ellis, sat down with VICE to discuss just why Post's music is so darn catchy!

“Post Malone’s songwriting style is a bit repetitive,” Clarke explains. “We’ve got a lot of sixteenth note rhythms that’ll maybe repeat for three times and then go into a nice ending phrase."

“Even if it’s the first time you’re hearing the song, you can anticipate the fact that there is going to be that down, on-the-one phrase. It makes it easier for the normal listener to latch on to that and remember it and know what’s about to come next.”

Clarke’s theory is supported by a UFC study. In it, they looked at thousands of tracks and found repetitive songs are more likely to become a chart-topping hit.

Huh....who knew!?

See the full article here.


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