Doja Cat Addresses The Fans' Mental Health Concerns


Photo: Getty Images

Doja Cat recently replied to all the fans that are concerned for her mental health after she shaved her eyebrows and hair recently.

Doja said, "That’s what I’m saying. I’m rich, I’m fine."

She continued, "Just the whole 'Are you okay, queen?' s**t makes me want to rip my…I guess the hair that I have left out and that would be my p**ics."

She added, "I want to rip my f***ing p**ic hair out, I absolutely hate it."

Doja continued, "I just do not like to have hair. I would be working out, but I couldn’t focus because I was more concerned about how I looked. Or how my hair was doing, and how to keep it adhered to my scalp."

Have you ever shaved your head completely before? How long did it take your hair to grow back?

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