I'm challenging myself to do something, you should do it too!

I was going to write down goals for this new year of life. It would be something different for me. A goal sheet. Things I need to do this year. Things I need to accomplish. Then I stopped. I thought. I realized why force goals on myself. Why set a timeline for things to accomplish. Life needs to happen naturally. But for it to happen naturally. We need to find the good in each day. Instead of writing down goals. I decided to get a journal. And every day for the next 365 of this year of life. I will will write down one positive thing that happened each day. Too often people complain. Too often I complain. Too often we focus on the negative. I shall begin to focus on the positive!

Day 1 of 365 I wrote down: “My girlfriend and my friends threw me a surprise adult costume party at Barbusa and my mom flew in to be a part of the surprise”! Yes I dressed as Superman. Yes mom dressed as the hulk. Yes everyone in the restaurant was confused.

I’m excited to see what positive I can find in each of the next 364 days of this year of life!

Thank you to everyone that helped make me feel special this birthday weekend. It means more than you know!

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