Roadtrip Tips!

I am a bit of a roadtrip expert. My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and most weekends I will drive about 5 hours to go see her. Now that I have done the trip quite a few times, I have picked up a few rituals and habits that help make the time fly by.

Tip 1 - Listening to a podcast or some sort of audio that isn't music makes the time fly by. For some reason, listening to a person or people talk takes me to a place where I am so focused on the conversation that I completely forget I am driving. Not so much so that I might crash. If you crash the drive will not go by very quickly. I actually did crash my car once when I was on my way to visit my girlfriend. I rolled my car and that added about 4 hours to the trip. Not ideal.

Tip 2 - Don't drink too much water. If you do you will be peeing so much and will have to stop all the time and it will annoy you and others if you aren't traveling alone. You want to stay hydrated though so you'll need to find a happy medium.

Tip 3 - Drive with the windows down. Live a little. Be the main character.

Well that concludes my roadtrip tips blog. Hopefully this helps you a little bit. If it doesn't, sorry. You can follow me as always @evanontheradio on Instagram and everything else.

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