Tattoo Appointment!

Hello, it is I, Evan. If you know what I look like, first off sorry, and second off you'll know that I like tattoo's. I have been working on a sleeve with an artist that I love in Seattle called Nick G. It is almost finished, just needs the inside of my arm to get finished now. I have an appointment coming up soon which gave me the idea of giving you some knowledge when it comes to getting inked.

Does it hurt? Yes, it hurts. The longer you sit the more painful it gets and there are definitely some areas that hurt worse than others. There are times when it just feels uncomfortable and there are times where I want to cry when I am being worked on. One thing you have to take into consideration is that everyone has a different pain tolerance. My time limit for sitting is about 2 and a half hours. Anything over that and I start to hurt really bad.

What should I get? You should get whatever you want! A lot of people say make sure it means something to you but I do not agree with that. A lot of art isn't made with some crazy backstory or deeper meaning, a lot of it is made because it looks cool and artists are just working creatively. If you like a certain type of tattoo then get it!

How much is it to get a tattoo? Well, it depends on the artist, but dont be cheap. You are going to get what you pay for so make sure you spend a reasonable amount of money on the art being permanently inked into your skin.

Does Laser removal hurt/ work? Yes it hurts, and yes it works. I got something lasered off my forearm a while ago and after one session it faded enough to where I could get it covered easily. It does feel like someone is burning your skin with a magnifying glass but if you take care of it afterwards, it should heal up great!

Hopefully you learned something today and make sure you get a sick tattoo!

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