Name: Reese

Bio: Hey how you doin' lil mama? Lemme whisper in your ear. My name is Reese and I want to get in your earhole with Carla Marie and Anthony every morning!  I am a Washingtonian that has experienced all the blessings and headaches this state has to offer. Let’s be real, Washington’s beauty is unbeatable, but the rent is too dang high and the traffic here makes me want to punch a small animal. My hobbies include convincing people that I am straight, scrolling through dank memes while sitting on the toilet, and saying the word “moist”. I also do know American Sign Language and I enjoy creating sign language videos to my favorite songs on my Instagram page. If I am chosen to co-host alongside the talented Carla Marie and Anthony, you will hear what a millennial sounds like after 5 years of mental therapy. What could be more fun than that? I will bring my authentic perspective and warped sense of humor when discussing hot topics on the show. It will be moist!

Instagram: @reesedclark

Blog: Reese's Week Auditioning With Carla Marie and Anthony