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15 PNW Artist You Should Know About

Every time I do a list, I start out the post the same way and I STILL get backlash, but here we go LOL. This list is in NO WAY to say the artist below are the only PNW artist let alone the best of the best. Everyone listed below is simply someone I feel you should know about. Also, the list is NOT in order. So, in a nutshell, I’m simply sharing dope music.

Now that we’ve gotten that out the way. I want to take a moment to shoutout Darryl Crews and his The New Pacific Northwest Playlist. It’s things like this that allow our artists to reach new levels and get noticed. The playlist is about 3 hrs so I picked out a good 15 artists on the list you should get to know. Check out some of my favorites and their music below:

Karma Knows




Mikey Merritt





Royce The Choice

Ralphy Davis

Ricardo Estavon

Chase Henny

June B

Connect Zero

Not sure when I’ll do another list, but until then, DM me on IG who you think is up next! Instagram @besagordon

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