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New Video: Ellis Prescott - "Struggle Talk"

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a dope week, I know I sure did!

I couple hours ago, Ellis Prescott dropped a music video to his single “Struggle Talk.” And let me tell you, if his intention was for me to almost cry at the end…. Good job sir, GOOD JOB. Check out the music video below and make sure you don’t let his lyrics go over your head.

I know I been working hard and its getting harder

Tell em I ain't got the time to chill

As long as my family struggle I know I cant be complacent

I gotta be the change to change everybody’s situation

Let those lyrics sink in. We all have been feeling the pressure lately to be the “key” or even the answer to family struggles and the closer you get, the more stress you feel. So believe me when I say I’m totally here for this song and the message behind it.

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