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Be Ready At All Times: 72-Hour Disaster Emergency Survival Kit

Be honest, Cali having 3 earthquakes in less than a week freaked you out too. It definitely reminded me of the earthquake we had in 2001, not to mention the fact that the news loves to remind us that we’re (Seattle, WA) due for another one.

With that being said, a great man named Suga Free once said, “If you stay ready you ain’t got to get ready!” Below is a 72-hour Emergency Kit you should have in your home JUST IN CASE something does sneak up on us.

72-hour Emergency Kit recommended by the Red Cross 

Basic Supplies

Water: One gallon per person, per day.

Food: Non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items


Extra Batteries

First Aid Kit

Medications (7-day supply)

Multi-purpose tool

Sanitation and personal hygiene items

Copies of personal documents - birth certificates, social security cards, real estate contracts, insurance contracts, bank records and passports, immunization records and any other important personal documents

Cell phone with chargers

Family and Emergency Contact Information

Extra Cash (Small Bills and Coins)

Emergency Blanket

Maps of the area

Hand-Crank Radio


Baby Supplies: formula, diapers, medications

Pet Supplies: collar, leash, id, food, carrier and bowl

Two-way Radios

Manual Can Opener

Games and Activities

Extra set of car and house keys


Surgical Masks


Rain Gear


Work Gloves

Extra clothing, hat and sturdy shoes

Plastic Sheeting

Duct Tape


Household Liquid Bleach

Entertainment Items

Blankets or sleeping bags

Tool Kit

Trash Bags

Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities

Baby Wipes

Family Plan

Don’t get me wrong, not trying to jinx anything here, I would love to be warned about natural disasters so I can fly across the country till it’s over, however. Life doesn’t work that way, so again, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

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