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Thursday Vibes With BESA: Jhene Aiko "Triggered"

When I logged onto YouTube and seen MUVA Aiko dropped a new freestyle I had no choice put to pause and take a listen.

In Jhene Aiko’s new freestyle “Triggered” she paints a picture of when literally goes on in my head when I’m trigged by my ex. And being that it’s mental health awareness month, it’s nice to hear such an emotional truth.

Check out Jhene Aiko Triggered below:

In case you assumed this freestyle is about Big Sean, Jhene Aiko took to Twitter to clear up any misconceptions about that. Check out the tweets below!

"triggered" was a moment. a moment that for me has passed. it is new to you because ur just now hearing it, but for's something i moved on from the moment i expressed it.

triggered is NOT a diss song. it is a moment of talking shit out of frustration and passion. it's was a moment of exaggerated expression when I was feeling lost and weak. no one is to be blamed or bashed for how I was feeling in that moment. I am in control of my feelings.

this is how I paint. this is me yelling and throwing paint at a canvas... then going out into the world feeling less tension, more open... more loving. going to bed feeling less stressed, more optimistic. - Via @JheneAiko

It's a lovely day out in Seattle so enjoy your Thursday ❤ Follow me on Instagram @Naybesa

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