Seattle Ranks 2nd Best For Keeping 2022 Resolution!

Long exposure of Seattle skyline from Jose Rizal Bridge, Washington State

Photo: Getty Images

It's a tradition to step into the new year with resolution or something you hope to work on in the New Year. While some people decided to focus on their health by going to their local gym or ending a bad habit like biting nails or cussing in public, when stepping into 2022 I decided to live in the moment rather than waiting for the perfect moment. "If I waited for all of my ducks to get in a row, I'll never get across the street," someone wise once said. Like many, I had high hopes for 2021 but throughout the craziness of last year, those hopes unfortunately weren't met. So in 2022, we're manifesting living in the moment because right now is for living!

Interestingly Seattle may be the perfect city to work your 'new year, new me!' According to WalletHub, Seattle ranks #2 for the keeping your new years resolution in 2022! The study was based on a comparison of 180 major Unites States cities and metrics like opportunity and income growth. San Francisco, CA ranks as #3, Portland, OR ranks as #18 and Tacoma, WA ranks as #97 in the rankings amongst the 180 cities. Click here to read more about this interesting study. Do you have a New Years Resolution or like #BennettKnowsRadio says, 'are you manifesting anything for 2022!?'

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