Here's The Highest-Rated Dessert Shop In Seattle

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Just about every eatery serves desserts, but there are places dedicated to making them just right. We're talking milkshake bars, bakeries, ice cream joints, chocolate shops, and all kinds of stores ready to cater to your sweet tooth. Since there are hundreds of dessert shops in Seattle, which one stands out from the rest?

Yelp can help with that answer. After sorting the "desserts" tag on the website and filtering by the highest rating, Mitten Sweets & Coffee came out on top!

Located on 13th Avenue, this new shop offers all sorts of pastries, sweets, and decadent cakes, from yuzu cheesecake to fresh fruit tart. It currently has a five-star rating with only six reviews.

Marie B., who lives in Shoreline, shared her experience at Mitten:

"I ended up buying a slice each of their chocolate and matcha gateaux, each lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Reminded me of flourless dense cakes from other area cafes, restaurants, and ones I've baked in the past. Later back at home, shared and sampled each cake slice with The Homie. Moist interior, crackly exterior top, on point and not overly sweet which I greatly appreciated. I look forward to additional visits to explore their other savory and sweet baked items."

Here are the Top 10 places selling desserts in Seattle:

  1. Mitten Sweets & Coffee
  2. SomiSomi Bellevue
  3. Shikorina Pastries
  4. Kelly Cannoli
  5. Sweet Nothings and More
  6. Intrigue Chocolate
  7. SUSU Dessert Bar
  8. Jet City Beignet
  9. Sweet Mickeys Candy Shoppe
  10. Puffy Pandy

Still craving something sweet? Check out the full list on Yelp.

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