Dolly Parton Just Got $100 Million Richer!

You know what they say... "the rich get richer!" But is that the case in this scenario? According to TMZ, songstress, legend and ICON, Dolly Parton is set to be the recipient of a MAJOR pay day.

That's right, the queen of Country Music is reportedly taking in $100 million in payments from none other than Amazon honcho, Jeff Bezos! Dolly is allegedly being named as the winner of The Jeff Bezos Courage and Civility prize which rewards the person of Bezos' choice to receive the incredible payout... to be paid towards the charities of their choice!

Bezos made the announcement alongside his partner, Lauren Sanchez, naming Dolly as a "unifier" for the world

And who can disagree with that?! Check out the announcement below.

Dolly, in her truly gracious style, accepted the award with all the humility in the world, thanking Bezos and Sanchez for their astronomical donation.

Now we wait to see which charities of Dolly's choice will be blessed! What a gift!


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