Why You Should Invest in Some Apple AirTags

It seems everyday there's a new tech invention being marketed to us, and quite often... We fall for it! However, if you're like me, you can't simply be buying all the new latest and greatest items the moment they're released. However, Apple AirTags, released by Apple in April of 2021, have proven to be quite the handy investment... especially if you're prone to losing things!

But what about when your things get stolen? Film producer/director Errol Webber recently took to Twitter to ask United Airlines about a missing piece of luggage that had gone awry after checking in at Alaska's Anchorage International Airport. However... the luggage wasn't at the airport or on the wrong flight... it was at the home of a United Airlines employee. Check out Webber's tweet below.

BOOM! Not only was Webber able to determine that his bag had, in fact been stolen after being put in possession of airline employees, but he also was able to find an EXACT address of his items.

While it's unclear at the moment if United has made efforts to right the wrongs of their employee... it does highlight the fact that these Apple AirTags could be of GREAT use for the fair price of $30 each.

Will you be incorporating Apple AirTags into your travel for peace of mind?

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